Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does "weathering" cost?

A:  GandyDancer is affordable! N scale weathering for "freight" cars starts at $30.00. Most N scale "Passenger cars" are slightly more. HO scale cars start at $50.00. Quotes on other scales are available. Quotes for structure weathering are available on request. Fees are slightly more for extra details such as graffiti and re-painting & renumbering.

     Q: Do you weather Locomotives?

A:  Yes.  All scales.  Minimum charge of $50.00 plus shipping & handling. Steam locomotives with fragile details/parts or electronics may not be possible for Gandydancer to weather/detail. Gandydancer will not be responsible for damage as a result of weathering/painting. Gandydancer will advise customers if the locomotive is within the shop's capability to weather without damage.

     Q: Do you paint locomotives or cars that come unmarked or unpainted?

A:  Yes.  Estimates available upon request.  Minimum charge of $50.00 for locos. Minimum charge of $35.00 for freight cars & passenger cars.

       I DO NOT paint intricate custom schemes for locomotives or rolling stock. I will refer you to several artisans that offer this service.

       I DO NOT make or provide custom decals for these projects. Customer must provide the appropriate decals if necessary.

     A 50% Deposit is required for all projects of this nature.


Q: Do you make repairs or alterations to locomotives & rolling stock?

A: NO.

Q: How long does it take to get a car weathered?

A:  Usually about 30 days depending on the number of projects in the shop at the time of your order.

     Q: How do you know what kind of weathering the customer wants?

A:  Use the specification sheet on this site to copy and send me with your order/cars.  You can also send the GandyDancer photos or pictures of prototype cars to use as a guide for weathering.

     Q: How do I get my car(s), locos, or structure(s) to you?

A:  You can USPS, FedEx or UPS your models to me.  If you see me at a Local "train show" in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia or Maryland you can drop your models off to me there.  The GandyDancer is affiliated with several Hobby shops that will accept orders for weathering and will arrange to get your subjects to me.  Finished models are shipped back by the best possible method depending on the size, weight and fragility of the models.  Some special packaging is required for larger models or structures.  Return shipments will have a shipping & handling charge added.

     Q: If I do not want to send my cars to you to weather, do you have weathered cars available to sell?

A:  Yes.  The GandyDancer has a small inventory of "weathered cars" available for sale in "N" scale. Weathered cars in my inventory average between $45.00 and $75.00.  GandyDancer does not stock HO, Z, O or S scale cars.

Contact me for cars currently available for sale. Gandydancer no longer displays at "train shows".

     Q: Do you build structure kits & what does it cost to build a structure kit and have it weathered?

A:  Yes. Fees to build structure kits are based on size and complexity of the model and the amount of weathering involved.  Minimum charge is $50.00.  Quotes for labor & construction are available on request.

     Q: What does it cost to "Scratch Build" a structure?

A:  There are no set prices.  Cost is determined by the scale and complexity of the structure + materials & labor.  Estimates are available upon request ($50.00 minimum).

     Q: If I send you more than one car to weather, can I get a discount?

A:  Yes.  I will give you a discount rate on weathering two or more cars.  Also, if you are a member of the NMRA or a " bona fide"  train club, I offer an additional discount on weathering or model building. I do not discount prices of the "rolling stock" from my inventory of weathered cars.

     Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A:   No..

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