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Increase authenticity, Enhance "eye appeal", Add individuality & character to your railroad with "weathering".  Every model railroad needs a few dirty old cars!The GandyDancer provides affordable custom weathering & detailing for model railroad "rolling stock" & railroad structures.  Send the GandyDancer your cars or structures & they will be weathered & detailed and returned to you "ready to run" or "ready to install" on your layout. 

GandyDancer employs dozens of "weathering" techniques in order to provide you with unique rolling stock & structures. Every car or structure is weathered to your specifications.  GandyDancers' finished products are "Certified" never to be duplicated, copied or mass produced.

GandyDancer also offers custom weathered "N" Scale "Rollingstock" for sale on the "Available" page. All cars are brand new releases from premium manufacturers: Fox Valley, Bluford Shops, Exact Rail & more. New cars are added to the inventory every month.

GandyDancer works in all scales. Primarily in "N" & "HO" scale.  Estimates to weather items in other scales are available upon request.

GandyDancer will also assemble your model structure kits as well as "scratch build" structures from your plans, photos or drawings.

"The 46 cars weathered for our store by the GandyDancer are awesome!" ~ Becky S ... Proprietor, Coryville Station, Illinois.

"I am always amazed that the GandyDancer comes up with different weathering styles for each of my cars!" ~ G. Hering ... B.R.N.S. Railroad Club, Cleveland, OH. 

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